Our Projects

WE BELIEVE in the power of families to make a positive change in the world. We know that nothing helps to bring a family closer than working together to do somethinfalseg for someone else. And families working together make a community stronger.

We also believe that our youth are the future and that they should have the chance to express themselves and demonstrate their talents. That’s why the Bridgewater Community Lions are proud sponsors of three youth initiatives:

  1. the Peace Poster Contest (ages 11-13),
  2. the Bridgewater-Raynham LEO Club (ages 12 to 18), and
  3. the Youth Speech contest (for students in high school).

When it comes to fund-raising activities, because we’re all about families, the events we host have a strong family influence.

For example, because everyone from Cubs (under age 12) to LEOs (ages 12 – 18) to Seniors take part in our projects, we’re not likely to host a wine tasting. It’s not that we don’t like wine; it just isn’t a project that is necessarily the best fit for our members.

On the other hand, this gives us a unique opportunity to run the kind of fund-raising projects, that other clubs don’t do, like our Chili/Chowder Fest, or Not So Scary ‘Ween.